Corporate Giving

Caroline 220 is committed to helping others. Each year, we donate at least 50% of our net profits to charities that benefit children and their families. There are a wide range of not-for-profit organizations that fall into this category. Unlike many organizations that donate “a portion of proceeds” to charity, we are transparent about how much and which organizations we donate to. We give updates on our charitable giving through our email list, so please be sure to join our mailing list.

Which organizations we donate to

During checkout, there is an option to enter a not-for-profit organization. By April 15th of the following year, we will make a donation to all qualifying not-for-profit organizations that our customers enter in when they check out. We only donate to organizations with an IRS exempt status under section 501(c)(3) that are fiscally sound with strong management practices and accountability. For organizations that are not nationally-known, we prefer that they have audited financial statements or a Form 990 that we can review to make sure the donation will be put to good use. We donate to a wide variety of organizations that help children and/or their families. Please contact us if you are unsure if we consider the organization to be a qualifying not-for-profit organization. The amount of the donation will be dependent on our net profit for the year and how many other customers entered in that organization during checkout. If we do not make any profit for the year or incur a loss, we will still make a minimum contribution of $5 per breast pump bag sold.

In addition to donating to our customers favorite organizations, we also donate to the Hydrocephalus Association. Every December 31st we donate 50 cents to the Hydrocephalus Association for every subscriber to our mailing list. Hydrocephalus is something I had never heard about until after my daughter Caroline was born. By joining our mailing list you will be helping many people affected by this condition. You can also donate directly by visiting Your donation will help raise awareness for this condition and hopefully lead to a cure someday.